Why Become a BIC Broker

Benefit Indemnity Corporation (BIC) provides brokers with the most innovative strategies to provide their clients with a one-stop enrollment portal providing access to virtually any carrier enrollment requirement while also delivering a deep-dive analysis for clients to determine their very best benefit strategy.

With the deepest of insights into self-funded strategies, technology, and ease of entry, BIC assists the brokers to take a top-shelf differentiating approach to benefit their clients and prospects while enhancing their own reputation through their affiliation with BIC and BIC innovations.

  • BIC is an innovative company, always leading the way with cutting edge applications, tools, and products for the professional insurance producer.
  • BIC can assist in automated marketing, data collection, and sales while also delivering Continuing Education, workshops, sales training, on-line, and on-sight.
  • BIC helps professional producers drive more revenue!

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What You Need to Become a BIC Broker

BIC provides a broad portfolio of self-funded benefit plans and products from a single entry portal. That’s state-of-the-art free enrollment technology that saves the broker time and money while increasing client satisfaction, all with top-flight compensation.

To be a broker with BIC, you simply need to meet the following requirements:

  • Licensed in Life & Health Insurance
  • Have E&O Insurance
  • Be Ready to Sell

Broker Contracting 

To get started, email completed PDF documents (application and your W9) to so we can process your paperwork.

W9 (Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification)

Group Contracting

‌‌‌SISCO Benefits Commission Remit Form
Group Contracting with the correct provider can depend on carrier, group size, etc. Contact Benefit Indemnity Corporation at so we can get you the correct paperwork.

Individual Contracting


Benefit Indemnity Corporation uses the Self-Funded Exchange Marketplace in order to get the best possible medical coverage at the best price. With the Self-Funded Exchange Marketplace, you’ll enter your information ONE time rather than filling out multiple paper applications. Since your information is stored securely from year to year, next time, you’ll only have to verify your information and make any updates.

This form is split into several sections/pages for easier viewing and completion. If you login using a Google account, your progress will be saved, but you must click SUBMIT on the final page to SEND the completed form to BIC.  

To Begin, Click the Button Below to Complete ALL PAGES of the Google Form.
Required fields are indicated (*), but completing the optional fields is highly encouraged. Please Note: all "optional" fields should still contain text, therefore there are currently placeholders typed into them. Please do not delete UNLESS you are completing that field with valid information. Thank You!

Required fields are indicated, but completing the optional fields is highly encouraged.

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