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Take Control of Your Health Care Coverage - Join the REVOLUTION.

Stop paying for health care coverage and services your employees don’t need and start getting the benefits you deserve!

With Benefit Indemnity’s Revolution Health Plans, your employees get better options and you get preferred rates with the possibility of money back for maintaining a healthy workforce.

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Traditional Group
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Preferred Group Rates Offered by Revolution Health Plans

Your plan cost is based on your company’s population health, often meaning you get the preferred rates you deserve.

Find Out if Your Group Qualifies for Preferred Rates
Not offered by Traditional Group Health Plans

Your policy is based upon either government regulated charges OR broad insurance pools.

Annual Refund Offered by Revolution Health Plans

Admin and premium costs are fixed, but claims costs are variable, meaning if claims are favorable, you get money back.

Not offered by Traditional Group Health Plans

Admin and claims are all rolled into one fixed premium cost, regardless of claims.

Recognized Carrier Options Offered by Revolution Health Plans

You can offer your employees plans from nationally recognized carriers and some national plans you’ve not seen before.

Offered by Traditional Group Health Plans

You can offer your employees plans from nationally recognized carriers.

Custom Coverage Options Offered by Revolution Health Plans

Design and select plans around the specific needs of your employee population.

Not offered by Traditional Group Health Plans

You can get whatever coverage you want, as long as it fits into plan A, B, C, or D

Benefits Across State Lines Offered by Revolution Health Plans

Our plans are recognized with in-network benefits across the US, so you can receive standard benefits while traveling.

Not offered by Traditional Group Health Plans

Some traditional plans require the purchase of additional travel insurance or reimbursement for out of network services.

Innovative Benefits and State of the Art Risk Management

We Practically Pay You to Be Healthy.

Take Control of Your Health Coverage

  1. Choose Your Plan & Your Network We'll help you choose the best benefits package from national and local carriers.
  2. Assess Your Group’s Preferred Status Employees simply answer a few questions online.
  3. Monitor Your Coverage & Enjoy Your Refund Can your current plan do all this?
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Saving Businesses Real Money with Revolution Health Plans
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Finally, Affordable Health Care Options For Small Businesses

If you’re tired of paying higher health care premiums for health coverage and benefits based on other companies’ needs, stand up and join the revolution. Traditional insurance plans put your company’s risk assessment in a box with other companies and design generic benefits packages that force you to pay for coverage you’ll probably never use. Why? Because the premiums you pay and don’t use makes them money.

Get out of the box with BIC. Our Revolution Health Plan Series removes the middle man and red tape. Your premiums and packages are based on your company’s employee needs alone. This allows us the freedom to offer preferred pricing for employers and employees that embrace healthy living.

Preferred Pricing. Annual Refunds.*

Can you really afford not to explore health insurance options with BIC?

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* Refund amount based upon annual utilization and expenditures.

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