Automated Risk Assessment 

Revolution Series

We are pleased to announce a new effort to provide you with an easier way for your clients to gain entry to BIC's exclusive product lines.

Before you begin, please take note of some very important information to preserve the integrity of this new process!
  • The new Automated Risk Assessment no longer requires IMQs.
  • Detailed and complete data as requested is required to be full and complete before underwriting can commence.
  • Also, the ARA Capability will be subject to the following Parameters:
    • Groups with 15-150 (strictly) enrolled employees are eligible
    • Groups must have current coverage in-force - no virgin groups
    • Groups must be in business long enough to produce a Quarterly Wage and Tax Form
    • Retirees are not eligible on ARA groups
    • Rates can change if the census on the effective date varies from the census that produced the rate proposal
    • Current benefits and renewal must be provided
  • All three ARA Documents are required to be completed in full.
    1. Excel Spreadsheet | Tab #2: ARA Checklist Form 
      • Completing this form FIRST will auto-fill applicable fields in tab #3.
    2. Excel Spreadsheet | Tab #3: ARA Documentation Form & Census (Revolution or Precision, depending on Plan)
      • Include all full-time eligible employees (FTE) on the census with appropriate coding as indicated
      • Only include dependents to be covered on the plan
        • Dependent coverage codes MUST BE BLANK
      • Home addresses are very valuable, you may use home zips when they are not available, but results may vary.
        • For example, if the system cannot identify a member with just the zip code, that detracts from underwriting results.
      • The coverage codes and fields on your submission must match those in our template
      • Be sure to include work location zip code in column I (Employee Only)
    3. Employer Level Supplemental Questionnaire signed by the Employer (a separate, fillable PDF)
  • Firm rates are valid no longer than 90 days from the date of the data provided
    • Employers and brokers should know that final enrollment must match quoted rate data
    • If hiring occurs, we suggest providing updates well in advance of the effective date
  • SECURELY send all complete information to:




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